January 29, 2009

Where Have I Been?!? Part the Second

Well? Out with it already!

I spent this past Monday and Tuesday preparing for and then taping a segment for the Martha Stewart Show! I am still not quite over the adrenaline, let me tell you. The show is taped live, and the broadcast will be on February 18th - I hope you all watch! I will be demonstrating my Little Cardboard Furniture, and building one of the chairs with Martha as part of a show with several kid-oriented crafts. So, so, so exciting!

Obviously I can't show you any of the actual episode yet, but here are some backstage photos that my intrepid lovelies Alexis and Deidre took. Thanks so much for coming, girls!

No Martha dressing room is complete without a beautiful collection of all sorts of vases. I love the juxtaposition with the more utilitarian office phones and computers directly below this display.

Here I am getting my makeup - definitely the most relaxing experience of the day. The show's makeup artist, Deborah, is an unbelievably kind and gentle person, which is a wonderful way to be when you are trying to make people look confident to be on TV!

And here, in a few surreptitious shots of the TV, the rehearsal of my segment with the producer Lenore, who was just the best. She is an island of calm in a sea of chaos - and really, it was absolutely amazing to see just how hectic putting together a live TV show actually is.