August 25, 2008

Doll Furniture and Linens are Finished!

Bed with Doll

I'm so excited! I finally finished the next of my cardboardcular creations - a full set of doll furniture! I also put together a set of instructions for how to build it. Just like my little cardboard kitchen, it is entirely collapsable and held together with joins I designed not to require glue or other fasteners. The instructions are now in my shop.

The instructions include directions for building this bed and sewing this quilt:


Sewing this mattress and pillow:

Mattress and Pillow

Putting together this chair:


Constructing this table:


And at the end, you'll end up with a fun, cheap, and recycled toy set that can house dolls up to 18 inches long!

All furniture together


cyndyava said...

Beautiful, Anna. So nice. Just two questions:
Where do you get the cardboard for the set and where did you find those dolls? My girl needs some "big girl dolls!"

mwg said...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful! It was fun to watch the actual creative process and now I see that the result is even much better and more interesting than what I expected it to be. ... And the dolls seem to be enjoying themselves...:)

Anna said...

Thanks, cyndyava! To answer your questions - the cardboard is just any old cardboard from any box that hasn't been used to store or transport food. I've been known to dumpster dive it from the "cardboard only" recycling dumpsters behind big-box stores. As for the dolls, the one in the bed is from the Q'ewar Project in Peru (, and the other one is a "Groovy Girl" doll from Manhattan Toy Company. They are both soft and posable, and I really like them for not having bodies shaped like adults. One caveat is that the Q'ewar dolls come with itchy wool clothes that Lara didn't like - I ended up making her a couple of dresses from Lara's old things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ana,

When I asked if I could feature a post or two, this was exactly what I was talking about. This is truly something wonderful I'd like to share with on my site. MInd if I turn some of my readers on to your amazing doll set-up.


joanie said...

These are fantastic! I love the simplicity of the project and the furniture looks like it's collapsable too.

Anna said...

Thanks, everyone! Stacy, you are certainly welcome to share my little doll furniture with your readers - I would love that!

LisaPV said...

I just love DIY projects and my kids do too so thanks for sharing this really awesome furniture project.

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Lucie said...

I don't know you but I bought the plans for the play kitchen from you a couple weeks ago. I haven't gotten around to building it yet, but I'm super excited. I have a blog about toddlers and fun activities to do with them at and I was wondering if, when I get the kitchen finished, I could post a link to your stuff so that others can buy your plans. (You can contact me through my site if it's okay) Thanks and have a great day! - Lucie

Megan said...

I found you through Ohdeedoh. Your furniture plans are killing me. So cute. That quilt!
Do you mind if I blog about you, along with photos?

emma'sfamily said...

i bougt today the pdf on etsy for the kitchen.......super...i love thanks.....when did you make the pdf for the chair...i love it.....i'm talking about your work on my Blog.thanks

Anonymous said...

Another fun idea! If you have kids who like to play with cars, one can create an entire mainstreet, city, or whole town using cereal boxes. Just cut out windows, doors, awnings, etc and set cereal boxes of different sizes side by side or create rows of them for cars to drive between and around. Don't forget to use oatmeal round boxes too. We all have cereal boxes we throw away weekly and its fun and colorful to see them all set up as a town. They're also the perfect scale for most little cars. You could paint them, but its very colorful as is. And of course...less thrown away trash! Betty.

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Copper Furniture said...

Hey, these designs are simply nice. That four color pillow is very cute.

Carol said...

Was looking for project for the grandkids. This was so fun to do with my grandaughters.

By the way, took the tip from Anonymous, you should also if you want the best in an organic latex mattress. You never know what you find shopping around. Check them out for sure.

spacify said...
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massy said...

i loved it.......

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darrell said...
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darrell said...
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These are all beautiful and creative ideas! Very organic too, I like to use recyclable material whenever I can.

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chaise lounge said...

These are fantastic! I love the simplicity of the project and the furniture looks like it's collapsable too.

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Joseph said...

Very cute and fun. Good way to let your creativity shine forth!

Naomi said...

You've got talent, keep it up!

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I love the fact that its foldable. I also love that side table. i'm off to buy some cardboard and try to make one for my little ones.

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Carol@Psoriasis said...

Nice one again, I was find your blog and landed to toy-kitchen-is-finished.html, I end up bean so impress with all details you put into that little kitchen, and lady bug on the green curtains it's just perfect, your kid it's very lucky having you I bet.

Regarding your doll furnuture I got to say you relly "go me" with that little pillow sitting on that chair, that's my favorite part, I remember me trying to do something similar to my kid, but I wasnt't so much successifull as you..

Carol Ryals

Michelle Gordon said...

I love it! Very creative and fun.

kitchen furniture said...

Wow! Great furniture designs for home owners who want to accent their residences!

Baby Cots said...

This is amazing. How about the other options along with this?

Muhammad Amjad said...

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Armando Iswahyudi said...
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Ria John said...

WOW!!! nice DIY

Jenny Hayes said...

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