December 16, 2008

A new Little Kitchen

This one was made by Annette for her granddaughter. Love that antique-y oven door handle!

Little Kitchen - made by Annette

Also, I have to say that I am thrilled that so many people are making these as holiday presents for the kiddos in their lives. It really makes me so happy to be a (granted very indirect) part of other people's celebrations. Even more gratifying are the several notes I've received from people affected by the overall misery of the economy, saying that they were happy to find a gift that wouldn't break the bank. Yay! I love that frugality and green thinking so frequently coincide.


Ashley said...

I ordered a bit back (the pattern) and we waited til last month to start (oops)...

Turns out, it's REALLY hard to find the bigger pieces of cardboard around here. I've tried freecycle, craigslist, calling stores, asking friends, etc. We're still lacking a few pieces, but I'm really scared how it'll end up looking since they are all from different boxes, of diff thicknesses.

Also, did I read right on the directions: FOUR 59 feet by 18 inch things of contact paper? I went to Lowes and the dollar store two days ago and the contact paper at the dollar store was cheaper quality and cheaper per roll but the rolls were MUCH smaller. At lowes, they were 7 bucks a roll, but it would end up being like LOTS of that sounding right? Or, what can I use instead of contact paper (or where do I find it cheaper). I know I can't paint the cardboard straight up or it looks funny, so what other things could I use that would hold up to a toddler and her potential sippy cup drippings? Any ideas? (Thanks!)

Anna said...

hey ashley,

good questions! and i'm sorry to hear you're having trouble finding the cardboard... are you anywhere near a best buy, or staples, or a store like that? that's where i found the cardboard i used. i actually told them what it was for and they were a lot happier to let me have it - they seem reluctant to just give it out for no reason, though i'm not sure why, since they otherwise just throw it away. if you're really stuck, they sell reasonably cheap boxes at uhaul (under $10 should suffice).

as for the contact paper, you could definitely get away with half (or less) of the amount if you just the outside, or just the counter tops. i think the kitchen would look cool if the sides were left uncovered (kind of like the chair of my doll furniture). contact paper is definitely good because of its waterproofing qualities... maybe you could substitute a varnish or some sort? like dilluted mod podge? i haven't tried this, so i'm not sure how well it would work.

i hope this helps!
all the best,

Ashley said...

Ooh thanks! I'll call Best Buy and Office Max (or is it Depot we have here? lol) tomorrow!

And, I may try the modpodge first and see what happens. I can't decide lol. So indecisive and afraid to mess it up - my husband is about to throw the cardboard cutter at me for making him cut so much hehe :)

Ashley said...

Ps - wonder if anyone has ever used spray adhesive and aluminum foil to make a stainless steel looking one? Cept, it might rip easy. BUT I did see stainless stell faux laminate paper that cost like 2 x as much as the white laminate paper did. Still cool looking!

stacymae said...

Hi Anna,

Saw this link and thought of you - perhaps you could add it to your doll house furniture collection - or even make a kids size version?

Happy Holidays,