December 15, 2008

More presents

Re-covered notebook

I have to say, present-making is much more laborious without small elves to help me out. Here is another one to add to the growing pile - a notebook that I recovered with paper bits, and with a super-cool post card that my mom brought me from last year's annual Moscow Theater Festival. I love the little figures under the biplane, especially the pantalooned fellow holding the red umbrella on the left.

The first of our Hanukkah celebrations this year is on Sunday, and I have to say that we are usually quite a bit further along in the present making, wrapping, and clue-ing process... Hopefully all will be completed on time!

1 comment:

ANI said...

Ahh, such lovely Russified notebook! I love that shade of green, and it complements the blue of the postcard quite well.