December 14, 2008

Oils - Karen's sons

A fun giant painting of Karen's sons (it's 24" x 18"!). This was somewhat challenging, but interesting, to work on because it is a composite of two different photos of the boys. Anyone who's ever tried to take a good picture of several people knows that it's almost impossible! True confession: many of the photos of multiple people on my blog are actually composites Photoshopped together. See if you can spot them!


Margaret Kincaid said...

I love your work in stencils and the rest of the blog as well.
Please tell me how you get the high contrast images from Photoshop. I've wanted to do that but don't know how. You are an inspiration! Margaret

Karen Ferrero said...

This is Karen (the painting above is of my 2 boys). Anna, you did a great job! This work is wonderful in person. We are so happy with it. Thank you. Karen