December 13, 2008

New Portrait - and a New Mystery!

Oils - Deborah's kids

A fun portrait of Deborah's kids. Aren't they so cute? I was inspired by their pose, and by the square shape of the canvas (16" x 16") to arrange them at the bottom of the frame, echoing a little bit those ubiquitous Raphael cherubs, a detail from a portrait of the Madonna in the Sistine Chapel.


In other news, it's time once again for everybody's favorite game - Guess That Vegetable! Brought to you by the wonderful farmers from Highland Orchards who provide us with a box of delicious nutrition every week. Today mystery veggie is:

mystery veggies

What on earth are these? From their earthy smell, I'm guessing roots of some sort. That's as far as my horticultural skills will take me, however.