November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Honey-Bear!

Eek! Lara is 3!

A fun party at Nancy's was enjoyed by all. The "cake" was a banana bread - Lara blew out the candle, and then just grabbed the whole thing and tried to run off with it.

Reading some books with Uncle Max:

Showing Julian the big present favorite of the night - these beautiful hand bells:

There are enough bells to make an octave and they come with instructions for playing a few songs. We had a great time parsing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," while Lara mostly liked distributing the bells to her party guests - here to Norman:

Then she came up to Avi, gave him a little piece of her bagel and grabbed a huge piece of his, thus initiating a brilliant career in business.

Happy 3rd birthday, little girl!


mwg said...

Greetings from Geneva, little girl! This was the best B-day story for me and all:)

Annie said...


Came across your blog after searching for Martha's Stewart's wax paper/crayon craft--which I'd just read about in your article in Good Housekeeping. :D

As it turns out, my daughter (Cara) was born the same day as your daughter.

Look forward to checking out your cooking and crafting adventures!