October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween... Baaaa!

costume - sheep 4

The sheep costume was a big hit! How cute is she?

costume - sheep 5

I went mostly with the Martha Stewart instructions, but didn't use a "leotard" and instead went with a white tee a few sizes too big with the sleeves and collar chopped off. Also I just made the hat from two semi-circles of black jersey instead of searching for a "pilot's cap," whatever that might be. Total cost of costume? $8 - for each for the black knit pants and tee from Target. Watching her prance around saying "Baaa"? Priceless. Of course she refused to actually say it to anyone in the office building where we just went trick-or-treating, choosing instead to hide behind my leg with a big smile. Which is very apropos this family, considering I had totally paralyzing shyness until I was twelve.

costume - sheep 3

Look, I made a flock!

costume - sheep 2

The staff of this office goes all out - seriously, every single person there was wearing a costume - and Lara was totally into all the decorations. She was dancing around with this skeleton for quite some time, holding its hands with hers.

costume - sheep 1

And this dangling spider was a big hit with all the kids... until they finally ripped it down. Lara kept yelling, "I want to go back to the spider!" the whole time we were going around the trick-or-treat line, but of course by the time we got back it was lying in a mangled mess on the floor, with a few guilty-looking kids peering at it.