October 23, 2008

Fall Flowers and the Pipeline

Flowers from Linda

Thank you so much for these beautiful asters, Linda! They look perfect in the afternoon sunlight and are making smile as I look at them. (Oh, and everyone feel free to mock me if I just betrayed my deep, and at this point probably irreversible, botanical ignorance. I feel like my reaction to flora has a touch of Frankenstein's monster about it. "Flowers! Good. Smell.")

New Prototype

Also, I'm designing a new cardboard-y thing, something full-scale again, like the kitchen. This is a half-assembled prototype, but I think I'm going to leave it a mystery for now. Oooh, can you stand the suspense?

In Halloween news, I'm now a little torn between the Star Trek uniform (really tempting because really, how many years are left before Lara demands the pink princess getup and thinks her parents owning the DVDs for all seven seasons of Next Generation a fact far too deeply mortifying to ever be exposed to the light of day?), and this really cute sheep costume from Martha Stewart. I'm not sure I'm feeling up to doing that much work with batting....

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Jay said...

You own all the DVDs? Can I come over and play?