September 30, 2008

Year of Color: Red Outside

Ok, so obviously I get an F for effort for last week's Year of Color assignment (Red Outside) because I totally failed to do it. So here is my belated entry.

Incidentally, this is the face I get when I don't pick "uppies" and instead snap pictures of the grumpster. Don't you just love that mixture of begging and disdain? "I am offering you the chance to pick me up, woman, and you are just standing there with a camera?"

Anyway, the idea of doing two shots of the same color is to juxtapose the two images in a little diptych, which with the reds looks like this:

Pretty cool, actually, if I do say so myself. It's fun to have the Lara theme carried through the animate and inanimate. I'll try to actually do the next ones (Lime Green) on time... better get cracking to find something lime green around here. Anyone else participating?