September 28, 2008

And now back to our regularly scheduled blog...

...or at least I hope so. I haven't been feeling the craftiness this past week, which has been doing wonders for my dissertation work, but not so much for this bloggie. But I do have a few doings to show all of you.

Another collage. I made both of these with pieces of really beautiful handmade paper from Linda (thanks, Linda!), which is just slightly thicker than tissue paper and thus really great for layering. I wish I could capture these better with my camera, but for some reason the color nuances are lost. Hmm... I sound a little pretentious there with those "nuances", but trust me, they really exist.

Lexi came to visit us midweek, much to general acclaim (Lara's because she loves playing with her aunt, and mine because I love chillaxing while someone else plays with Lara), and made these cute collage cards. I love that lion mane!

Also, my mommy came for the weekend, which was wonderful as always. We went to dinner at Alma de Cuba, which in my not particularly humble opinion is Philly's best restaurant - amazing, original fusion Cuban, with spice combinations which really boggle the mind. Just incredible. She also snapped this cute picture of Lara in her new overalls and last year's rain boots. Doesn't she look like a little fisherman? I love it.


Linda said...

Lara looks like she's ready for some industrial strength puddle smashing/splashing/adventuring!

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