September 10, 2008

Shirt Recon

White angled tank with buttons

Made from two of Misha's old button downs. I mostly just use a pin-try-on-and-repin method of figuring out shapes because I'm too lazy/impatient to use patterns, don't yet have a dress dummy to do the modeling for me, and am unable to do the kind of architectural conversion of two-dimensional polygons into three-dimensional objects that you need to be able to create patterns in your mind. Do you remember the architect on Project Runway? I always thought that was an excellent fit in terms of the kind of visualization skills both fields require.

I really like how this came out - it's tunic length and goes reasonably well with my obsession with that baggy, loose, swingy style. Top bad it's a tank and we're about to head into fall.... One of these days I guess I should try to deal with sleeves.