September 4, 2008

Fun in the Park

Another visit to our favorite local park. There isn't that much public art there - mostly just nineteenth century statues commemorating Franklin and Penn (the two Philadelphia sculpture stalwarts), but one park corner features a pair of beautiful stylized horses:

This one is calm and slow, providing perfect contrast to the other one, which from a distance looks like it's galloping out from behind a tree (sorry we forgot to photograph it - but you can see its head peeking out of the left side of the photo). I really like them. They have the perfect, paradoxical qualities that all good public outdoor art should have: an intrinsic belonging to their environment, and simultaneously an incongruity at being there.

There is also this pretty sundial, which Lara promptly climbed into and got stuck inside of:

It made me laugh that she instantly crawled into that little space because I remembered how much I wanted her to go under things for cute pictures when she was still just crawling. I would put her under our table and quickly dart to grab the camera only to find her intent of speedily getting out from underneath. Only once did I actually get my wish - randomly one day, when I actually had the camera all ready, she crawled inside her Exersaucer! I was so inordinately thrilled - and I have the 47 pictures to prove it.

She's all ready to be one of these caryatids, no?

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mwg said...

Great pictures, especially the last one! I did not recognize the park though - I would have remembered the cool horses.