September 1, 2008

Amish Day

We drove out west to check out Pennsylvania Dutch country this weekend, stopping by a recreation of an Amish village.

Behind us is the one-room school house and one of the family houses.

Lara really liked this unharnessed buggy (and also made friends with the local horse, whom we were sadly discouraged from petting).

Misha was a big fan of this rusty farm equipment. I think this is part of the horse-powered plow that the Amish use. The most amazing place for rusty metal tools was the blacksmith's shack with its display of eighteenth century technology (which is what is still used by this community). Dad, you would have gotten a kick out of the hand-cranked drill and its attendant mechanisms.

How beds used to be made - the mattress would be placed on top of these taut ropes stretched on the bed frame. Our tour guide pointed out that the expression "Sleep tight" actually comes from a host's heartfelt wish that a guest not fall through too-loosely tied bed ropes.

Finally, in the family kitchen was this exquisitely lathed high chair. So very pretty, and especially striking in surroundings almost entirely devoid of ornament.


mwg said...

Doesn't this furniture look super modern and cool? Espescially the color and the finishing of the wood..

Fred Barthel said...

Hi there,

I'm not sure the best way to get a hold of you... couldn't find contact info on your blog, so hopefully you will see this. My basic request is that I'd your permission to use the above photo of the rusty chain in a brochure that uses the metaphor of corrosion/farming. We did a google search and found this image and loved it! Would you please get in touch with me? I can answer any further questions you have. Thanks so much. Great photo!
Fred Barthel, Director of Communications at Peacemaker Ministries. email: fbarthel at