September 5, 2008

Found Object Necklace

Found Object necklace

A birthday is coming up soon... and this will be the present. It's quite fun to put together these disparate found pieces, to mix and match things that were not intended to go together but somehow do.

More prosaically, I also realized while fiddling with the wire holding this together that I do indeed need a pair of flat nose pliers, and can't quite get by with just the round nose ones I now have.


liz said...

wow. just gorgeous. i admire your creativity!

btw, we have the piece you did for us of our son Ben on display in our living room. i can't tell you how many compliments we've (you've) received on it. i'm so glad to have found you and your work.

mwg said...

This came out so pretty - I loved it! The necklace looks so delicate.

Anonymous said...

It's even better in real life! Nancy R.