August 30, 2008

Mystery Plant Growth

Mystery Plant Growth

Wandering around the park this weekend, I ran across these succulent-like growths along the edge of a leaf. I assume this is some kind of parasite? Whatever it is, it certainly is striking.


Stephanie said...

That is a Maternity Plant, in the Kalanchoe family!
Those little "things" on the edges are the babies, and when they fall off, on onto the soil, they will grow into a new plant!
I had some a few years back, but they are now at my parent's place, in their sun room, and they are HUGE!!

Teresa Foo said...

Yeah these plants are very interesting and we have neighbours here growing them!

Btw, I love your blog very much especially the lovely crafts you made for your daughter! Great job on the rocking chair! Thank you for being an inspiration to me! I have given you an award over at my blog,

Amanda @ said...

Yes, they're I suppose in a sense you were right in assuming that they're parasitic. In the nicest way, of course :)

Loving your blog, BTW!

mwg said...

You have such a great eye for picking up and photographing interesting looking thngs! So, next stop..."Art Photography!" for you and for us to enjoy it:)

stef et sa belette said...

OHHHH I SEE one of it in Thailand ! I don't know the name.I'm so sorry my english is not so good I'm a French woman and I've just buy on etsy your toy kitchen !