July 24, 2008

Cute Lara Doing Cute Things

So a couple of days ago we bought Lara big Legos. They are genius, and she is obsessed with building with them - and this is the girl who has never had any desire to stack blocks into towers, or even really to demolish ones we build for her. She loves loves LOVES the Legos. We love how perfect they are for little fingers and how absorbed she gets in them. To wit:

Also, this afternoon my mom and I went to see Mamma Mia. Have you seen this movie? You haven't? Ok, you need to click off my website and go buy some tickets right now. I loved it. Beyond loved it - I honestly wanted to buy another ticket and go see the next showing of it as soon as it ended. It's just perfect - warm, kind, funny, and with the added delight of seeing extremely talented middle-aged people clearly having a good time acting together. Plus the music is just wonderful - all the best Abba! And who doesn't love Abba? Not Lara, who danced up a storm to the soundtrack I purchased instantly upon returning home:

A day of delights.


Jay said...

Video doesn't work for me.


cyndyava said...

The cute-o-meter has just exploded! You all are too adorable. What a lovely little family. I will take your reccomendation and check out Mama Mia, too. Love Abba.

Karen in Buffalo said...

OMG...too cute! I saw Mama Mia on stage in Toronto and LOVED it. Will have to check out the movie, too. I bet my girls would like dancing to my ABBA greatest hits cd that I purchased after seeing Mama Mia. I'll have to did it out!
Thanks for sharing. Again, just too cute!