July 28, 2008

New Bag

I bought some of this lovely batik fabric at Joann's a while ago - just a yard, because it was priced according to its aesthetic amazingness - and had no idea what to do with it. What does one do with a yard of fabric? I thought it would be enough to make a skirt... that is until I tried to wrap it around my waist and laughed ruefully at my naivete/denial. And so instead, I present to you a small tote to replace this one that recently nobly gave its life in the line of duty. The new one is lined with and has pockets from another pair of Misha's old cargo pants (it's the blue fabric that is the sides and straps also), so the tradition continues.

Batiq fabric tote

In other very exciting (you know, for me) sewing news, I finally figured out how to adjust the thread tension of my machine's bobbin case, and am thus liberated from the simultaneously unctuous and guilt-inducing ministrations of the sewing machine repair shop guy. "What kind of thread are you using in the machine? Oh, not the very cheap kind I hope. It pills, you know, and can really clog it up." "And have you been oiling this regularly? You're not sure how? Well, that's why it's better to buy in an independent shop where we host classes on how to care for your sewing equipment." Yes, thank you, I already take care of several humans and a car - I really don't need to also worry about whether I am a negligent "sewing equipment" operator.

Anyhoodle. I also just painted this stencil of Heidi and Darryel. It came out really awesome.

Oils - Heidi and Darryel


cyndyava said...

Super cool bag. Love the fabric, too. And the painting is beautiful. Sigh. I love this color combo.

avi said...

You're lucky he didn't revoke your sewing machine license. I believe not oiling your machine regularly is a felony in some states.

Amy Jo said...

Your bag looks great, and you are so clever to line it with cargo pants that already have pockets.