July 22, 2008

Yay Day

Last weekend we went to a birthday party and Lara got to wear this new cute dress. No, not my work - we have the good people at Target to thank for this adorableness. Man, I love that store. Lara wasn't too into the party, but she did love this labyrinth on the Smith Playhouse grounds:


Later in the weekend, as Misha was carrying her home from the car, Lara patted him on the shoulder and said, "You my best friend." I'm guessing he had to be scooped up off the floor after melting from that one. I think it may have even made up for the hey-I'm-a-toddler-and-can't-be-reasoned-with-and-also-I-have-a-fever-for-some-mysterious-reason-whee! show that Lara put on for him while my mom and I were away. Their weekend sounded as if those terrible comedies where the dad gets left home with the kids and all hell breaks loose were actually documentaries.

Today everything is back to normal. Lara directed traffic as we drove around - "These cars go that way. Those cars go this way. This red car go over here. That car is blue." - and after her cuteness earned her special treatment in the cell phone store in the form of balloons, she serenaded another girl there with the birthday song.


cyndyava said...

I am so jealous you got to get away. Soooooo jealous. I have not been away for one night since my girl was born. She'll be four in August. Your husband sounds like a gem. Lara gets more adorable by the day. I can't help but giggle aloud when I read about her latest developments. Thanks for the passing on the joy.

Avi said...