April 13, 2008

In the Pipeline

I feel like whenever I take a few days break from the blog I fall out of the habit of taking pictures of the day. The last few days have been almost summertime here, and every single day I forgot to grab the camera as we headed outside. Lara's main delight about the warm weather is the mud. "I wanna play my mud!" she yells, as she lets handfulls of newly deposited fertilizer run between her fingers. "I wanna play my mud!" she protests, when Misha and I object to her tasting it or shoving it into her ears. But she is not all nature goddess - as soon as she stands up, it's "Ah, ah! Wipe my hands pweeze!"

Meanwhile, I've been toiling in my workshop (I wish - more like crouching in a corner of the bedroom), hard at work to make some more cardboard playthings. I've been so extremely gratified at how much people are loving the Little Kitchen. Next up? Some doll furniture. I think I've worked up the bed to my satisfaction:

Doll Bed

Now for the chair.

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Melissa said...

Very nice! I recently made a chair for my daughter out of cardboard. It was fun, easy, and I was very happy with how it turned out.