October 25, 2007

Toy Kitchen is Finished!

Toy Kitchen 1

Finally this very long project is complete. To recap: this little kitchen unit is built entirely from recycled (as in, salvaged from the dumpster) corrugated cardboard covered in contact paper. No glue, no nails, nothing but clever joining cuts make the kitchen entirely disassemblable so it can be packed flat for moving/storage. The structure is all my own design. (Can you tell I'm pretty proud of this?)

Updated to add: Please visit my squeaky-clean, brand-spankin'-new, state-o-the-art Etsy shop to buy a set of plans to build a toy kitchen of your very own! There is also a new link to it in the sidebar.

Toy Kitchen 2

The sink (a baking pan sunk into a hole cut out for it), complete with fully turning hot and cold water taps.

Toy Kitchen (sink)

Lara demonstrates the oven door, which is held in the upright position with a velcro tab.

Toy Kitchen (oven closed)

Toy Kitchen (oven open)

It's hard to explain completely how the pieces fit together (let's just say that all those hours of playing Tetris apparently didn't go to waste!), but you can get a sense of it from this picture of the disassembled cardboard before the contact paper was applied. The notched pieces slide onto and then hook through the slotted grooves:

Toy Kitchen - cardboard parts