March 16, 2008

Organizing Art Supplies

Many thanks to Mr. Forty-two Roads for keeping things going while I was a huge sickie! Yay, you make me happy.

I'm pretty much recovered and I finally got to deal with the growing insanity of art supplies on Lara's little table. I would love to attach some kind of huge paper roll that she can just keep pulling new paper out, but this is one of the little plastic IKEA tables, so no can do. But still:

Art supplies organizer for Lara

Recycled cardboard from a box and a mailing tube, covered in fabric from the stash (I just used Gem-Tac to glue the fabric down. I love that stuff.), and then hot-glued it all together to form one art-supply-organizing unit. This way, you can just lift the whole thing up and bring it from room to room, depending on where the art is happening. I'm anticipating adding more mailing tube thingies as these run out of space, or as Lara acquires new media - I'm guessing eventually the middle paper box will be entirely surrounded.

1 comment:

Terumi said...

Wow, I just went to your Etsy store and will definitely be getting the kitchen set when we move into our new house (there will be space to put that then!).

If you could please make the Cardboard chair pattern available in your Etsy store as well, that would be great!!

My daughter would get so much use out of both pieces and since we are moving, there will be plenty of boxes to make chairs out of for playdates!

Thank you :o)