March 14, 2008


So, swings are quite literally Lara's favorite things in the world. Every time we go to the park, she darts right for the swings; if they are occupied, she stands there confused, wondering how long she may have to wait for her turn. Swings have become the incentive to get her to try new things ("Lara, why don't you go down the big slide, then we can go back on the swings!"), but once she gets on, it's nearly impossible to get her to come off. Every time you ask Lara what she did at school, she says "I went on the fings [swings... it's not a true 'f,' but sort of a whistled mush-consonant]!"

So today, upon being greeted by this post-nap grimace, we high-tailed it for the playground.

Once there, she spent 24 minutes on the swing. Without a break, and regardless of how many impatient looks (glares) I got from other parents.

Finally convincing her to hop off, we meandered through town to another park, where Lara had a blast with some other kids in an empty fountain.

(By the way, Anna has now shown me how easy it is to upload pictures... thus the 4 blog posts in a row... I'll not derail her crafting, I promise)

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Anonymous said...

THANK you for the stories and the pictures - we enjoy them very much