March 5, 2008

Blue smock refashion

Made from one of Misha's old button-down shirts in response to my deep jealousy of all thing smocky.

Smock from blue men's shirt (w/o pocket)

I can't decide - with the pocket or without?

Smock from blue men's shirt (w/ pocket)

Also, does it need more in the way of decals, appliques, buttons, etc.? Or is it better as is without embellishment? I'm so wishy-washy about it for some reason. But I do love how it fits on me.


Jean and Conrad said...

with pockets. and some really cute red buttons, ie. apple buttons. or maybe skull buttons for something a little rock n' roll. it'd be a cool juxtaposition.

adrienne said...

I love it's current incarnation (with pocket). It's classic and gracious and makes you look like a famous painter right out of an art history biography.

adrienne said...

its- not it's in the first sentence... forgive my punctuation.

mwg said...

And I liked the frock without the pocket - assuming there will be layers, which will serve as extra "decoration". I also liked the color very much.

cyndyava said...

I like it without the pocket...Also, I like clothes that style ("smocky")to be plain, no detailing. It looks great. Please, think about writing tutorials for some of these awesome creations. Anna, you are so talented. I'm so inspired by you.