March 4, 2008


Wow, long time no blog. I guess that's the first thing that goes around here when havoc is wreaked... in this case by a crazy ear infection that left all three of us without sleep for the last week. Zombie Anna is not a blogging Anna. Now all better thank goodness, with a full night of sleep yesterday for all.

On the plus side, Lara did start eating "baby apple bits" last week. She just announced one day that "Duke likes apples and I like apples too. Baby apple bits pweeze!"

Now I have to spy out what the other kids in her class eat to keep up with the "Duke gambit" - "Doesn't Olivia like carrots?" Hmm... we'll see.

Also, I did an easy but totally useful redo on a sweater I inherited from my lovely sister-in-law. Check it out, Lex - no turtleneck! I've been wearing it around and loving it. I might put a little pocket or some buttons on it to liven it up some more.

Reconned sweater - green boat neck

Oh, and yes, I yet again cut my hair even shorter. I really don't know how/when to stop. It keeps looking almost right, but not quite. My hair is just curly enough to not quite ever do what I want it to do (and of course, I want it to do what I want it to do without effort. I'm not quitting being a wash-and-go gal now!) But then on the other hand, I worry about the androgyny aspect since I don't wear earrings or makeup or other gender markers. Any tips?

Anyway, yay, I'm happy to be back in blogville. A demain!


cyndyava said...

Hey Anna,
Oh, I envy your courage to cut your hair. I, too, long to be a wash and wear gal. Especially since I had my daughter...I just don't want to waste precious time and effort on my hair. I have long, very thick, kind of tempermental hair.It's always in the way..I was just thinking today, how nice it would be to cut it very short. I don't like wearing earrings or I was thinking about the androgeny aspect, too. You have inspired me and I think I'll go for a short bob first and take it from there. Do you remember the show "Northern Exposure?" Well, the female lead role had great short, short hair...Also, on Food Network, Elie Krieger...What a beautiful woman with a Peter Pan haircut. It is so adorable on all you gals...Thanks for the sewing and hair inspiration!

Anna said...

Hey Cyndy,

Yes, that's exactly what I going for! I can totally picture the Northern Exposure lady in my head. A more recent fabulous example is the Cleopatra in Showtime's Rome series. They have her with a pixie cut, which seems apocryphal to me, but looks totally adorable on that actress. And talk about not at all androgynous - that woman is 100% just dripping x chromosomes.

mwg said...

:) - to the previous comment. And by the way, you look great with or without secondary gender identifiers (but then again - I am biased.)
I also liked the new re-done sweater and think that cool matching buttons or a huge button (covered with the same fabric?) will liven the sweater even more.

rayna said...

For most people (and this sounds like you Cyndy) short hair actually needs a lot more styling. When it's long you can get away with a bit of shag, when it's short it looks terrible unless you place it. Curls are probably the exception. If you want a bob, not a mop, you will have to blowdry, and maybe use a little product depending on your hair. Trust me, Im speaking from experience. I went from being a ponytail girl to a product and styling girl, thanks to having Mia-Farrow-in-Rosemary's Baby-length hair.

But I didn't mind, such a relief to not be a ponytail girl! Now it's bob-length and driving me mad.