March 5, 2008

Dinner Conversation

No pics with this one, but I just had to write it down. We're trying as much as possible to have family dinner, and we usually try to model some kind of "talk about your day conversation." Today it went like this:

A: Let's talk about our days. Daddy, what did you do today?

M: Well, I worked in the hospital, then I came home and took a nap, went to the playground with Lara and had a great time.

A: That's fun! Lara, what did you do today?

L: I went to the mall and saw fishies, all the fishies at the mall. [Lara's day actually consisted of daycare, nap, and playground].

A: Wow, that sounds exciting! What kind of fishies did you see at the mall?

L: Red fishies.

A: Any other kinds? Did you clown fishies?

L: Yeah, clown fishies at the mall aquarium.

A: What did the clown fishies do? Did they talk to you?

L: No, they swam from to me. I was sad.

M: Oh, that is sad.

A: Maybe they were scared of you? Is that why they swam away?

L: Yeah.


mwg said...

Lara is right - the mall does look like an aquarium... although filled with people.

M said...

Also true that most people "swim" away from you in the malls ... not the friendliest place in the world, I guess!