February 27, 2008

A little green, a little terror

More news in the green living department in the last week.

I made my own all-purpose totally nontoxic cleaner - water, baking soda, vinegar, and some grapefruit essential oil for smelling nice. Works just fine to clean the bathroom! Also, I've switched to just using straight-up vinegar to clean all glass surfaces (mirrors, mostly, since I'm not much for window washing). A little bit really goes a lot way, and the smell dissipates fairly quickly. Also, as you can see from the very beautiful picture, I made a reusable cover for the Swiffer out of some of Lara's old flannel swaddling blankets. I've since discovered that flannel works infinitely better than the plastic pads that come with the Swiffer. When I run out of its cleaning liquid I'm going to do the surgery recommended here to put my own cleaner into the special non-refillable Swiffer bottle.

I initially wasn't going to take a picture of these doings because both came out less than photogenic, especially compared to all the wonderful homemade soaps and things all over blogland. I mean, people go all out - designing graphics for their own labels, color-coordinating their Swiffer covers... And then I thought, oh for cripes sake, it's just something to clean the toilet with.

So, on to the terror. What the heck is this thing? It came in the farmer box and looks to me like nothing so much as a skull with more than the usual number of eyes. Misha was pretty freaked by it as well, and Lara wouldn't even hit it with the stick she was using to drum on every other thing in the kitchen. Clearly it's eeeeeeevillll.