January 20, 2008

The Long View

You know what's not conducive to blogging? A sick, miserable toddler. Bleh around here the last few days...

So, a quick post before I go back to relaxing while she naps.

I think I might have crossed some kind of handmade threshold last week when I gave myself a haircut. In my own bathroom. With only my bathroom mirror and some regular Fiskars scissors (of course not my fabric ones!) for assistance. It helps hugely that curly hair is extremely forgiving of unevenness, but I think I might have actually given myself the elusive haircut that I for some reason cannot get the people in the salon to give me. (I admit that working with curly hair is hard - but since it is hard, and since I've been living with my hair for my whole life and know how it works, why can't the stylist just listen to me as I describe what to do?)


I might keep up cutting my own hair from now on....

Also, I started another project, which is where the title of this post comes from.

quilt - blue squares cut pieces

That's right, my first quilt, intended to eventually cover our bed. All I've done is cut the pieces and put together a few of the squares, and oh my gosh it's going to be a long LONG project. Wow, quilters, a newfound respect for all of you.