January 23, 2008

Catching Up

January 23 - 4

I was wearing sunglasses to grate an onion and Lara decided that was the coolest way to cook ever.

January 23 - 3

There is this surprisingly ferocious statue of a lion battling a snake in a local park (other statues there include a mild goat tied to a post, a somewhat abstract but still peaceful frog, and two cherubs holding up a sunflower). Why is it there? No plaque, no explanation on the statue itself. Lara came up and started to pet the snake. "Lion fighting. Snake is coming out! The snake no like the lion. Lion is angwy like Yertle the Turtle is angwy! Lion is angwy again! Snake do not like the lion. Run away!"

January 23 - 2

"Get cookie fom Sahbucks! Cookie wif waisins! Yummy yummy yummy cookie."

And finally, Lara presents tonight's mystery veggies:

January 23 - 1

"Oh, yook at this cwazy ca-et [carrot]! Oh yook at that! Cwazy ca-et has a hat on it. Ya vacuuming the plate. Ya vaccuuming the gwee cheese!"

With that in mind, what are these? My mom guessed that the crazy carot is horseradish. If she is right, am I supposed to make horseradish condiment from it? Thanks, everyone!

mystery - radish-like things