January 15, 2008


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Lara channels Hendrix.

I sewed a couple of headbands for my mom, who has trouble finding cloth ones in stores. And let's be honest, the plastic ones are so headache-inducing - I really can't believe people stand for them. Take to the streets, people! Protest the needless poking and mushing of your heads!

Headbands for mom

The checked one is from a would-be sewing machine cover, and the flowered one is from some freecycled fabric I scored a couple of months ago. I read, combined, and altered the patterns for headbands collected by the Sew Mama Sew! blog (have you checked it out? Pretty great place for all the good free patterns strewn about the web. Plus, they have a great fabric shop attached.)

January 15 - 3

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mwg said...

Thank you, thank you,thank you - the headbands look fantastic. And of course they look much better on Lara :)