October 22, 2007

Patchwork Whale

patchwork whale - johannawright

One of my birthday presents from Misha. I love it. I LOVE IT!!! It was painted by Etsy seller johannawright who has many a delightful thing in her shop.

The ladybug is an old metal toy. The plane is all that remains of Misha's childhood Gobots collection. It is actually Leader 1, the main good guy (the leader, if you will) of the Guardians. He transforms into a robot. Lara loves to play with him in plane form, pointing out the nose, where the pilot sits.

1 comment:

mwg said...

What a cool thing? It also fits you (of course I mean the atmosphere of your house) and your taste perfectly. I bet you Lara will love it when she grows up a little bit. Misha, great taste in present picking!