October 24, 2007

Pumpkin Farm

We went to Springdale Farm yesterday to pick some pumpkins with Lara's daycare class. She loved the "haywide" - particularly picking up wads of hay and throwing them all over herself and other kids. You know what's itchy when it gets all over you? Yeah, it's hay. Guess who was cranky when it got all into her clothes.

october 24 - 2

We also picked a pumpkin for daddy, who couldn't come. Lara refused to get down from the hay wagon, then when I finally coaxed her down, she grabbed the pumpkin closest to the wagon, and then demanded to go back into the hay and didn't come down again.

october 24 - 1

Also, I keep meaning to post these pants and shirt I made for the fall. I added sleeves to a tee that still fits her from the summer. The pants are the sleeves of a long-sleeved shirt Misha got from some drug company, with a tiny green pocket sewn on for cuteness. So simple to make, and so comfy and easy. I love them.

pants - dark blue with green pocken

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Nut said...

It's funny, I came over here from Baby toolkit to look at your absolutely amazing kitchen set.

Then I read THIS post and was thinking... Springdale farms can't be SPRINGDALE farms and indeed it is.

I used to scout sweet corn at springdale farms when I was in college and can't wait to take my sun there next fall when he will appreciate it.

Sometime the internets aren't so big.