October 21, 2007

"Wheh'd it go?"

I'm amused that Lara learns so many new words every day and week, and my vocabulary has stagnated. I can't think of words besides 'amazing' and 'astounding' to describe her language development, and there are honestly too many examples of her cute wordings to post about them and do them any sort of justice.

However, she is also exploring the world in other ways, that are also fun to watch. As it has been getting darker later, we're often out during twilight and early evening. Today, walking back from the park, looking for the moon, Lara started asking "Wheh'd it go?" Last week, when her grandparents were here, it was cloudy, and the moon was behind the clouds. So she answered herself, "No moon, no moon, s'hind cowds!" But when we got to an intersection (and the buildings were lower, allowing the moon to peak out) Lara triumphantly shouted, "Deh's da moon! Da moooon!! White moon!"

As we kept walking, the moon vanished behind the tall buildings again. Lara asked, "wheh'd it go?" in a concerned voice. I answered, "It's behind the building." She then proceeded to repeat, nonstop, for the entire block, "wheh'd it go wheh'd it go wheh'd it go" (it takes us about 3 minutes, real time, per block - she literally asked, nonstop, about the moon, every block, for the entire walk... and it never stopped being cute).

Every intersection, when there was a break in the buildings, Lara would shout, "Deh's da moon! Da moon! Deh it is!" She literally wouldn't take her eyes of it, excitedly pointing and dodging her head around trees and other obstacles to keep her eyes on the moon. I think we have an amateur astronomer.

Since Anna is reading her "One fish, two fish," right now, I'll also add that Lara knows the vast majority of that book, adorably able to end every rhyme, even ones that would surprise you. (Though it's not my favorite page of the book, there one page with a part that goes 'I sing high, my Ying sings low,' which Anna and I always sing in high and low octaves - now Lara does too! It's so cute.)

What's another amusement.... hmm... She has a book about Olivia, who is a young lady pig. There's one picture in her book where Olivia stubbornly crosses her arms. Today in the elevator Lara crossed her arms and announced, "Coss ahms, ike Oyivia! Oyivia pig! Ohk-ohk - dat's what pig says!" Her sentences are the best.

I guess I need a photo... There's one incoming, since she asked me for "Oven mitt!" and ran around the house with our oven mitt coming all the way up her arm square to her shoulder. Check back later for the photo.

We love her!

Post-bath-time addendum: Lara was (as usual) sad during her bath; I tried to distract her by asking "Where's the moon?" and she immediately said "s'bahinda buiding!"

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mwg said...

Today was a long day for me (from 7 am till 9 pm), I was tired and exhausted, but after coming back and reading "fortytworoads".... I am sure you can guess what happened to my fatigue.... You guessed right - it disappeared! What a great story,what a great way to keep up with you, your life, and Lara's progress.