September 23, 2007

The Kid Rides Again

We've had quite the sick little sickie around here the past few days. Fever, runny nose, a cough that has been keeping her awake, the works. Last night after we put her to sleep Misha and I heard some kind of strange rhythmic whistling sound seemingly coming from outside. We decided it was the metal gate creaking in the wind, but a walk past Lara's door revealed it to be her very labored breathing. So sad! We went out a little bit, but at home there have been many movies in her life recently since that's pretty much the only thing that she can do without crying in the house. Yesterday in the middle of "Toy Story," we turned around to see her thus:

september 23

She looked up for a second, said "hoss," and turned back to Woody and Buzz.

1 comment:

mwg said...

Oh, that overwhelming power of Art - it absorbs and swallows you... :)
Lara is cute, she looks so yummy.