September 24, 2007


Wanted: New Best Friend

Must be portable and looking for adventure,

september 24 - 1

but should enjoy pausing to smell the flowers every once in a while.

september 24 - 2

Water-resistance a plus, but not a requirement.

september 24 - 3

september 24 - 5

Should not be too clingy - I enjoy solo posing time -

september 24 - 4

but should be a good comfort when I get a little cranky.

september 24 - 6

Caveat: must play well with others. Sick days need the secondary company of my da-saur.

september 24 - 7

Are you the doggie for me? Call Lara, and I will tell you that "Ah yuv doggie!"


mwg said...

This is the best classifieds' ad! Very witty! And thank you for having your camera with you at all times - makes for great stories for us!!!

Linda said...

Hope Lara is feeling better, you can see the "sickie syndrome" in her eyes. As usual, wonderful pictures.