September 22, 2007


I've been trying very hard not to start new projects while old ones lie unfinished because my attention really does tend to wander from idea to idea without follow-through... but still, when I saw this toy kitchen on Apartment Therapy - Nursery... Sadly, a spare $600 we have not, but I really thought it might be possible to recreate it in corrugated cardboard. I drew up a little plan...

toy Kitchen (sketch)

And made a pretty cute prototype, if I do say so myself. The easiest way to make this kind of model is to glue a sheet of graph paper to cardboard - that way the scale/measurements are already set up. The scale here is 1 square = 2".

Toy Kitchen (prototype)

Then I couldn't help playing with Photoshop. Here is my artist's rendition of what it might look like with a stove and sink.

Toy Kitchen (color prototype)

Even Misha, who really tends to be the voice of reason to my flights of fancy was excited about this, and actually thought it was doable (unlike the vast majority of things that I suggest!). Also, even if building it doesn't work out, this little model would be fun for a dollhouse.


mwg said...

What a great project! Lara will be thrilled - I am sure. What materials will you use to build the kitchen itself (although i really like the prototype as well).

Anna said...

It will be made out of corrugated cardboard, which is actually one of the strongest materials out there. Covered with contact paper, I imagine, which is my new best friend.

JLow said...

Wow! Puts us men to shame!

Mind if I plagiarise it for my (our, with my little girl) own use? I am sure she will love it, and I think I will enjoy the process too.

I will also post your link to another dad-related site, Dad Balance (, ad advocate of working dads spending time with kids.

Good job!

Anna said...

Thanks, JLow! Actually, I wouldn't work off of this prototype - what it mostly demostrated to me was that my original ideas for the joins would not work and I would have to engineer something a little more stable - which is what I did in the final kitchen I built. I am working on a set of plans now that I will offer from my Etsy for people to build their own.

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