June 25, 2007

Dragon Rider

And so it seems that the prophesy which had been foretold by the forgotten gods has indeed come to pass. Though the people have despaired of a champion for hundreds of barren, desolate years, they have not allowed new generations to forget the legend - and now, the land once more bears the fruit of ancient kings.

Undaunted by her destiny, the lion-hearted one trains daily for her upcoming battle against the forces of darkness.

june 24 - 3

Wearing out one trainer after the other with her tireless quest for perfection in mounted combat, she searches stable after stable for a steed worthy of her talent.

june 24 - 2

At last, ready for her ultimate test, she becomes what she was always fated to be - a dragon rider.

june 24 - 1


fia lotta jansson said...

Hey Anna!
And thank you for your comment! Do steal the idea:) it is simple and very wearable! Let me know about your design.
You have lovely pictures on your blog and a beautiful girl!
keep on crafting!

MWG said...

My comment is about the fearless rider: does she actually ask herself to mount a different animal every time she rides? The princess indeed looks much braver than her exhausted subjects. :)