May 25, 2007

Conserving Nature

Lara's great-grandparents recently took her to the Central Park Zoo for the first time. It's a very sentimental place for them, and to commemorate the fun they got a Nature Conservancy tshirt. However, the smallest size tee the Zoo had was adult medium (I know! Only kids go there!). So, a tee to a dress, using some leftovers from a pair of little overalls:

Nature Conservancy Tee Dress (front)

The back, with a side of ham:

Nature Conservancy Tee Dress (back) may 25 - 2

Edited to add: The funniest thing about that "back" photo is that Lara is pushing a stroller she promptly stole from some other kid upon arrival to the playground. In the background? The toy stroller she came with, desperately wanted before we left, and instantly abandoned once we got there.

Sadly, while we were having a fun photo shoot in the park, Misha was home nursing the second day of a crazy fever. So sad! Look at him all curled up, making a pouty face. I think it'll bring it home to mention that it is 90 degrees outside today and he was under this down comforter with the AC off, still racked with chills.

may 25 - 1

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MWG said...

What a joy to look at the pictures - I loved the new "sarafan" - great idea. And Lara knows how to pose, doesn't she?