May 28, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

Misha and I married on May 22nd, 2004, but it's funny for me to think that this year marked our third anniversary considering the fact that we have actually been together for almost 11 years. I knew him pre-goatee, pre-drinking age (hmm... but certainly not pre-drinking), pre-adulthood. And now I know him as a father, a husband, and a doctor. He is a wonderful man and I smile every single morning to see him on the next pillow over.

We spent the weekend in New York, celebrating our wedding anniversary for the first time (1st anniversary - pregnant, 2nd anniversary - tiny baby, 3rd time's the charm!) while Lara's grandparents had a lovely time entertaining their granddaughter.
We went to the movies, walked around Soho, and the next morning hung out in the little park around the Museum of Natural History taking arty pictures of ourselves.

may 27 - 5

may 27 - 2

may 27 - 3

And then a lovely brunch at Isabella's. My food was hearty, but Misha's food was just beautiful.

may 27 - 1


Mr. Forty-Two Roads said...

My food was beautiful, but it paled in comparison to my breakfast companion; she made the day, weekend, and last 3 (well, 11) years just perfect, and she is the best thing that ever happened to me.

MWG said...

What a great description of a perfect day in the life of a perfect day! I can't even describe to you how much I enjoyed reading it.