April 1, 2007


Altered pants for Lara

I love altering Lara's clothes - fast, doesn't have to be perfect, and of course, she is forced to wear whatever I put on her! Here are some pants with a new insert for extended life. They are the perfect weight for this 60's weather, and the length still works, but they were just too tight in the hips.

All I did was seam rip the side seams, cut rectangular pieces of jersey, and zig-zag stitch them into place, bringing the top together at an angle. Then I just hemmed the bottom of the insert - and voila, perfect Lion-tossing pants.

Altered pants for Lara

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nancy said...

Let her go on the carousel. Poor little thing. Such yearning. How about on Sunday in NYC? We have a carousel too and her great grandpa would love to take her with her daddy for a double daddy father's day!

By the way, her grandmother has learned to read and can now leave comments