January 13, 2007


I used to love to paint with oils (like this, for instance). I say "used to" because ever since Lara was born there just is no way to accommodate the precariously balanced canvas+easel+brush+medium+turpentine+palette setup, let alone the lengthy painting time itself. So for a while, I didn't paint at all (watercolors are not even remotely a medium I understand), and ended up drawing. Or mostly not. But I think I might have stumbled on the great compromise that is acrylics. Minimal setup, no need for complex easels and things since the drying time is negligible - and, even better, the texture of acrylics which they are wet is as similar to oils as anything water-based could be. Very nice. This is the little starter set I bought myself at an art supply store (I have commitment issues to big tubes that aren't White or Black).

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