December 11, 2006

Inner Essence

When Misha was in medical school, he would come home and collapse on the couch after particularly grueling days - and that's how I painted him. I love this painting. Something about the way he is depicted just feels so right - the position he is sleeping in, the leg dangling over the couch, the arm on the stomach with the shirt raised, something about the colors also. Not sure. When he woke up and saw the painting, he exclaimed, "It's like you've captured my inner essence!" which I took to be the highest form of portraiture compliment....


Anonymous said...

As I look through your blog, I have to say that it shows your "inner essence". I feel as if I'm beginning to know you through it. It's been a pleasure for me.


shirley said...


I second Linda's opinion. She took the words right out of my mouth. And the painting? Just fabulous. Such an inspiration.