December 13, 2006

Our Far Flung Family

We basically dot the globe. We have family in San Francisco, Washington state, Massachusetts, Baltimore, New York, Milwaulkee, and Germany (soon to be Moscow) - and this is immediate family, not the various cousins-removed that inhabit all sorts of other countries. We made Lara a litte book to show her where everyone lives (printed by Shutterfly). Her supremely talented daddy illustrated each city and then we included photos of the people who live there. Here are some of his cute illustrations (he drew on paper, I colored on Photoshop).

My dad is a metallurgist who works in a foundry. (By the way, can we just pause for a moment and reflect on the fact that Misha was able to just draw out a foundry, from scratch, with no references, in about 10 minutes? Hello, talent?)

My dad also likes to sail.

We are the bunny family - Misha has blue ears, I have purple ears, and of course Lara is pink all over. Here, Lara is fishing with her dad on his dad's farm.

Us on a wine tasting picnic in Napa Valley.

And finally, here we are eating the delicious Napoleon layer cake that my grandmother makes from scratch (it's my favorite food in the world - notice my outside piece in this picture - and I probably wouldn't hesitate to kill you for it. I'm sure you're a very nice person, and thanks for reading my blog, but your life is forfeit if it comes between me and Napoleon.)

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Timothy said...

Napolean Cake? Sounds amazing. I must know how this is made!