January 25, 2015

Prague in the 80's

Am I still extremely slowly scanning my grandfather's slides, you ask? Why yes, I am. I definitely thought this would be a one month project, but like with every other thing I have ever done, I was clearly way underestimating the timing. Still, little chunk of slides has revealed surprising treasure. Last week, I started scanning a set of slides labeled "Travels in Czechoslovakia" from 1986.

I don't know where these places are, and my brief attempt to Google has led basically nowhere.

But now I am having daydreams of going to Prague, finding these buildings, and taking updates photos to match.

Looking at these, I can almost exactly see my grandfather setting up these shots, adjusting his camera, choosing his frame. It's like a Proustian madeleine, and all my memories of him come flooding back.


linda said...

what a lovely tribute to your grandfather.

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