January 24, 2015

How Do You Say "The Borrowers" in Spanish?

In a perfectly time bit of coincidence, just as we have been reading The Borrowers at home, Lara got an assignment to build a tiny house out of recycled materials for Spanish class (the Spanish element is that each element of this little house had to be labeled en espagnol). Increasing the serendipity? A long, looooooong, 4 day weekend - just about perfect for spending a day cobbling together little odds and ends around the house into furniture.


Check out the horrifying dystopia of this universe: the TV says "Latest News" with a picture of robots with guns on their head shooting at each other:

My favorite thing is the super tiny composition book Lara made for the desk and the wire pen lying next to it:

(To get a sense of the size - the table and chair legs are made out of straws)

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