November 22, 2014

Jakey's Bee Book

Everyone is having a great fall.
Just wanted to share something pretty fun from Jake's class. His amazing kindergarten teachers are pretty inspiring, and they had a whole unit on bees, including visiting beekeepers, studying hives, learning about bee anatomy, etc. The kids got really into it, and Jake absolutely loved it. As the final part of the project, the kids were supposed to write something about bees; Jake make a whole bee book! The book is such a hit that his teachers (and, of course, us as well) quote it - check it out (with accompanying translation, as he totally did this on his own, and so things are spelled as he imagines they should be):
How Bees Make Honey, by Jake

Honey is good. Bees are very good at work but they are not the only pollenators - Bats, Birds!

If you are making honey right now, you are a bee! Cocoons - these might make you surprised when you hear about these things

Bees: honey bees are the only (things) that could make honey; but where does honey come from? Flowers!

Honey: Why is honey good for us? Because it helps our brain!

Jake also made this fun little stop motion of a bee getting pollen from a flower and taking it back to its hive (via the awesome app, StopMotion)

He also has a hilarious, many-minutes-long "lecture" explaining Bee anatomy, and demonstrating how bees communicate with dancing. It's hilarious.

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