May 1, 2013

On the Ropes

Last weekend, as part of Philly's awesome arts festival, there was a huge ropes course set up in the middle of the city. Lara took one look at that thing and was all, "Oh, it is on."

Jakey was a little more iffy. After all, if we are ever at the playground, you will most likely find Lara at the very top of whatever structure is least suitable for climbing, while Jake is usually more of a playing-with-rocks-on-the-ground kind of kid. Still, he gave it a solid effort, and by the end even declared that he liked it! You see that random mom standing off to the right in the photo? She started actively cheering for him half-way through.

Lara is a total pro. Not only that, she will immediately try to best whatever derring-do some other kid busts out. Total rock star.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that the festival also had a dinosaur petting zoo? Complete with a giant animatronic T-Rex?

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