April 22, 2013


Jakey's awesome preschool teacher does all sorts of great projects and things. One thing they're doing this month is having parents come in and talk about their jobs.

Last week Anna went in and talked about writing books, and the kids did an amazing job of writing and illustrating their own little books. I wasn't there, but I heard Jake's was about something like a robot bear falling in the ocean and getting eaten by a shark... Replete with amazing illustrations.

Today was my turn! We talked all about skin, hair, and nails (the kids' answers are in parentheses); what it does (protects you from sharp things, keeps you healthy, gets goosebumps if you are cold or sweat if you are hot), what can happen to it that's bad (bug bites, mosquito bites, bee stings, skunks' spray making it smelly, boo-boos, cuts, scrapes, splinters, sharks can bite it, sun burn), and ways to fix it- and then we played doctor and bandaged up stuffed animals that the kids brought in. They each had to make up what happened to hurt their animal and then bandage it up.

Jakey brought in his buffalo (which we call beefalo buffalo), and said "it hurt its horn when it hit into a star and got cuts on all four feet!" Never fear, o buffalo who roamed too close to the sun- Dr. Jakey is here to fix you up! Jake loved all the different bandages and materials, and his buffalo will be better in 100 minutes according to Dr. Jake.


mwg said...

Great pics - It looks like all kids enjoyed being little docs, not just our Dr. Jake. I liked the new moniker - Dr. Jake :)

Elizabeth Medwick said...

Hello! Do you have an email address I can use to get in contact with you?