October 22, 2012


This year's creepy cutes are up! Check out what's on our dining table:

These guys are from Martha (and if you're feeling like whipping some up, check Target for the fake teeth - these were 8 for $1!). The kids have decided that the red-eyed one is the scarier of the two, "because he's angry" of course. I guess that makes the other one his more level-headed buddy, trying to keep all that pumpkin aggression in check.

And what's floating above the table? Glad you asked:

I painted the branch black before stringing everything up with wires. Watercolors worked really well for me (in person, you can still see the grain of the wood through the color), but for a much quicker creepiness fix I'm sure spray paint is your best bet. The wire is a nice way to suspend everything - in the daylight, you can't really see it, so it looks like the whole thing is just hanging of its own ghostly volition.

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