September 25, 2012

The Field Was Indeed Outstanding

Sunday was the perfect day for what has now apparently become an annual tradition: a dinner with Outstanding in the Field, a traveling dinner-on-a-farm extravaganza. It was beautiful, romantic, and completely delightful.

One of my favorite things about this event is that you form these intense four-hour relationships with the people sitting around you. There is no pressure to keep knowing anyone you meet and for some reason that really creates an extra intimacy. We had a totally wonderful conversation with the couple sitting across from us. They were lovely, funny people - and it is so pleasant to think of there being these great people out there in the world somewhere. Other fun company? These guys:

Or, rather, these guys:

Aren't they gorgeous? They are organically raised cattle from the farm next door... don't worry, we didn't happen to eat any of them.

With dessert came this moonrise, bringing with it a cloudless and chilly night. We quickly realized that we were woefully under-dressed, and had to scurry away to get some tea at the nearest coffee shop... where we promptly ran into our dinner companions who were doing the same thing to keep the cold away.

All in all? A perfect way to spend a day outdoors.

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Linda said...

What a wonderful summer you've had! Wishing you many more beautiful sunsets and happy times.